YOU are invited to stand atop a 4200 ft granite cliff in the Blue Ridge Mountains, overlooking majestic Blue Valley in the ecologically diverse Nantahala National Forest.  Breathe in the pure mist of clouds swirling among an ancient and rare forest of elegant dwarf white oaks.  Feel a heightened sense of wonder replacing time, The Mountain and the spectacular views alone invoke spirit. Come be a part of The Mountain and feel your spirit soar! Take a photo tour and then Book a retreat today>>>  




Are you missing the view from The Mountain?

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The photo will refresh every 60 seconds during the daytime hours and will remain on the last image during the night. 



The Mountain is an extraordinary camp and retreat center serving youth, adults and families.  Founded in 1979, it continues to be guided by Unitarian Universalist values and open to all.


Inspiring people of all ages through a nurturing community, connection with nature, and fun, challenging programs.



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