About the Organization

Founded in 1979, The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center is a non-profit program center, summer youth camp and a retreat for individuals and groups where people can grow and renew themselves. Annually 4,000 people from more than 35 states visit The Mountain.

Mission: Inspiring people of all ages through a nurturing community, connection with nature, and fun, challenging programs.

Vision: The Mountain is an extraordinary camp and retreat center serving youth, adults and families.  Founded in 1979, it continues to be guided by Unitarian Universalist values and open to all.

Core Values - based on the Principles of Unitarian Universalism

  • The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Individual
  • Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relations
  • Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth
  • A Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning
  • The Right of Conscience and the Use of Democratic Process
  • The Goal of World Community with Peace, Liberty and Justice for All
  • Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of which we are a Part